Lacto Fermented Lemonade

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This is Rob’s favorite beverage. He likes it really tart, and so do I. If you haven’t discovered lacto-fermentation yet, this would be a great starter recipe. It adds a healthy dose of probiotics to your diet and is very high in Vitamin C. It also contains Folate, Potassium and Magnesium as well as other trace minerals. If you’re trying to sneak healthy bacteria into someone’s diet without their knowledge, this recipe tastes just like regular lemonade. They won’t even know it’s healthy 🙂

I make homemade yogurt, so I always have an abundance of whey in the house. To make your own yogurt read how to do it in a crock pot here or how to do it at room temperature with no heat required here. The whey will naturally rise to the top of yogurt, or you can strain the yogurt through a tea towel or cheesecloth.

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Making Kombucha

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Making Kombucha Tea

5 black tea bags

1 gallon purified water

your homemade Kombucha Scoby

1 cup sugar

2 gallon sized glass jars

Boil water and steep tea for 30 minutes. Stir in sugar. Let tea cool for 30 minutes. Pour tea into a clean glass jar. Now since you already made your own mushroom, you should have a large glass jar of tea with a strange-looking organism floating in it 🙂 sitting on your kitchen counter. Remove mushroom from this jar, and place into the new jar of tea, along with a 1 cup of the earlier, already fermented batch of tea. It will float on the top and happily eat the sugar in this fresh tea. Leave out to culture for 7 days. Now drink.

Told you this was going to be easy!

I stop at this step, because I love the Kombucha just like this. Many people prefer it carbonated or flavored however. In…

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Make your own Kombucha Scoby

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What on earth is Kombucha you ask? Well as it turns out, that is a complicated question. Kombucha is an effervescent tea that is fermented with a solid mass of yeast and bacteria often called a scoby, mother or mushroom. Kombucha contains numerous organic acids, active enzymes, amino acids and beneficial bacteria. Kombucha also has been reported to detoxify the liver, aid in digestion, inhibit cancer growth, repopulate the gut flora and boost immunity. Not to mention that it tastes delicious. So how do you get your hands on this miracle beverage? You won’t believe how easy this is!

Make your own Kombucha Scoby

I have let my Kombucha mushroom die many times, so I am the expert at growing a new one. First go to a health food store and purchase one bottle of plain unflavored Kombucha.

1 bottle Kombucha from the store

5 black tea bags

1 gallon purified water

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How to Break the Caffeine Addiction

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Yesterday I listed 50 reasons why you should quit caffeine. Hopefully today you are feeling really motivated and ready to give it up.

The first time I quit was horrible! I was in bed for 3 days with an awful headache and I was so tired I was sleeping 15 hours a day. I also had almost a constant craving for a cup of coffee. I felt really deprived and miserable and frustrated. So when I decided to quit for good, I did some research first. I did not want to go through that again! I started by researching amino acid therapy. Here’s what I found out in a nutshell.

Amino acids are the building blocks of neurotransmitters in the brain. The best amino acids for caffeine withrawal are Tyrosine and DLPA (phenylalanine). Caffeine gives us a temporary lift by sending norepinephrine into the blood stream.  Over time, healthy levels of norepinephrine…

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